I absolutely love this.  Yes, the music video uses “humor” to drive the point, but why is it so funny?  That’s how they portray country women in videos.  Seductively eating strawberries, washing trucks, and stuff like that.   It’s all nonsense.  If you flipped the roles would it be humorous if it showed a woman riding a bull for eight seconds? (which they do) If this video does anything wrong, it’s that it doesn’t show women doing things that a man can do, like the bull riding.  But, do they really have to show stuff like that?  Absolutely not.  Don’t be silly.  I know women can do that stuff.  And you don’t think they can, than your an idiot.  Less importantly though, I love the message that this sends to country music.  There were TONS of women on the country music scene in the ’90s.  Probably more female solo artists then men solo performers at the time.  What happened to them all?  There’s basically two now. Two.  I only know of two women today that are able to headline their own tours.  I’m not going to count T. Swift because we all know that Red was a pop album.  Yes, there are plenty of bands/duos that have a women in the group, so I should be counting those groups too.  (The women in those groups by the way are usually the leads of those groups, just leave the groups ladies, you don’t need those men!)  

There being sooooo many young male country singers that just fill up the airwaves with crap songs that are about a tailgate usually, beer/alcohol, and a pretty girl to cruise around in their truck with.  Honestly,  I’m willing to bet that every male singer that had their first hit in the past 5 years, they have one of those stupid to their credit.  Probably two of them in fact.  I’m willing to guess that those songs are successful because younger/teenage listeners just eat it up.  Every male singer these days just sings country pop songs! Don’t listen to that crap!  It’s all awful.

Respect to these women.  And kudos for the sly lyrics that call out certain singers.  I heard references to Tim McGraw, Luke Brian, Tyler Farr, and Jason Aldean, but there’s probably more.  

You could have had anything at that table. Anything at all. Mini pizzas, bacon wrapped figs, pigs in blankets, there was even talk of a gouda. But no, you had to have the one thing that someone with my dietary preferences can eat.

Garrison Cootes - How I Met Your Mother

This basically happened to me yesterday.

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matchbox #portland #saturday #classiccars #walkshome #tilt #sky (at City of Portland Public Works Department)


matchbox #portland #saturday #classiccars #walkshome #tilt #sky (at City of Portland Public Works Department)

Wine party done right. #himym

Wine party done right. #himym








We’re all going to hell

this post might be the best thing ive seen on here

I’m dying


I laughed


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I am here to tell you that getting something like icy/hot in your eye is never fun and that you shouldn’t ever do it.

I am here to tell you that getting something like icy/hot in your eye is never fun and that you shouldn’t ever do it.


Churro, or penis?


Churro, or penis?



Stop with all this: “Men are this” “Women are that” “Trans people are this” “Cis people are that” “White people are this” “POC are that” bullshit.

People are individuals.

Every person is different.

You can’t judge an entire group of people. It’s completely illogical.

We’ve been on this planet for thousands of years.
How have you still not got this?


wtf is an acronym 

this is very wrong

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